Darwin Study Club with Dr David Fu

Dr David Fu

Dr David Fu

Complimentary Study Club Lecture on Antimicrobial Stewardship with Special needs Dentist Dr David Fu.
11 Apr 2024
Darwin Sailing Club
8 Atkins Drive Fannie Bay
6:30 pm - 6:31 pm
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Division/Study Club

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1 hours

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Free 1hr CPD Study Club Lecture on Antimicrobial Stewardship with Special Needs Dentist Dr David Fu

Dr David Fu is a Dental Specialist in Special Needs Dentistry (SND). He graduated from the University of Queensland for both his Bachelor of Dental Science and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Special Needs Dentistry).

Dr David has more than a decade of clinical experience working in public and private dental settings. Early on in his practice Dr David has developed a passion for helping people with special needs. He often found there was insufficient resources and understanding around the extra requirements to care for patients with more needs, which was what motivated him to pursue further specialist training so he could better service this population.?

Dr David has taken his passion to help people with special needs further to provide services in a private setting. He was frequently approached by people who required his services but were not eligible to see him in a public facility, or were not able to stay on a waiting list indefinitely. ?

Dr David is the first and currently the only private practice in special needs in Queensland as a doctorate level trained specialist. He firmly believes in providing the highest quality and timely dental services for our population with special needs. Dr David has developed a deep appreciation that not everything in a dental clinic is about dentistry. He loves getting to know his patients, and spends time to understand what the individual wants and needs in order to achieve their best dental outcomes. ?

Dr David also dedicates time to help with research and student education at the University of Queensland. He is often asked to present at national seminars and conferences to share his expertise. He is also regularly asked to travel interstate to provide specialist dental services.?

While Dr David truly loves his work and is often kept busy by it, outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, exercise and travelling.



Dr David Fu

Dr David Fu

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