Furthering your education 

Expanding your horizons is invaluable for any career and we’ve gathered a range of resources to make your study as effective as possible. 

What you need to know:

Bolster your learning opportunities with the ADA's CPD Portalwhich offers hundreds of hours of video and audio modules, National Digital Library which offers a wide selection of journals and books, and national and local face-to-face events.

National and local events offer great online and face-to-face learning opportunities.

The ADA offers access to evidence-based services which connect you to a range of quality resources from around the world including The Cochrane LibraryCentre for Evidence-Based Dentistry and Scottish Dental Effectiveness Programme.

If you are a researcher or research team interested in undertaking a dental or oral health research project, you are invited to apply for Australian Dental Research Foundation grants.

The official journal of the ADA, the Australian Dental Journal publishes manuscripts on research, clinical developments, clinical opinions, treatments as well as other key issues relevant to the practice of dentistry in Australia.

Network with others working towards educational goals with Peer, the ADA's online community where you connect with fellow members.


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