sustainable dentistry

Sustainable Dentistry: How-to Guide for Australian Dental Practices 

“Dentistry as a profession should integrate sustainable development goals into daily practice and support a shift to a green economy in the pursuit of healthy lives and well-being for all through all stages of life.” *  

This How-to Guide for Australian Dental Practices (the Guide) has been developed as a practical resource for Australian dental teams wishing take action to make their practice more sustainable. It is an Australian version of the original guide, Sustainable Dentistry: How-to Guide for Dental Practices, published by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, United Kingdom.  

Its aim is to provide dental professionals in Australia with an introductory resource that explores practical strategies and actionable steps towards pursuing sustainability in their practices. By focusing on a range of impactful areas including stock inventory management, energy efficiency, amalgam waste reduction, enhancing the built environment, active travel and sustainable measurement and evaluation, this guide aims to empower dental practitioners to make informed decisions and implement sustainable changes. 

You can eitherdownload the how-to guide in fullor read each section individually as needed:

* FDI World Dental Federation Policy statement: Sustainability in Dentistry, 2017